Louisiana's Dept. of Education
Considers the SPC Program
Reducing School Dropout

The following outlines the progress toward bringing the SPC program to schools in Louisiana:
  • My letter to Paul Pastorek, State Superintendent of Education, introduces the SPC program. The program's Instructor's Outline accompanies the letter.

  • Donna Nola-Ganey, Assistant Superintendent, replies and indicates that she and Superintendent Pastorek were impressed with the results achieved by the SPC program, and she requests additional supporting information which would be needed to federally fund the program in Louisiana.

  • My response to Assistant Superintendent Nola-Ganey's request includes six exhibits of supporting information:

    1. Exhibit A – Positive results achieved & replicated in various settings
    2. Exhibit B – Program presented at the 27th Annual National Conference on Higher Education
    3. Exhibit C – Program received requisite peer review approval before publication in educational journals
    4. Exhibit D – Program also received requisite peer review approval for conference presentation
    5. Exhibit E – Questionnaires used to measure emotional intelligence and learning ability improvement
    6. Exhibit F – Sample letters written by principals, teachers, and the Mayor of Los Angeles praising the Program

  • After inspecting these documents, Lilee Burns, assistant to Robert Schaff, Section Leader Division of Student Learning and Support, acknowledges that it fulfills the requirements listed in Donna Nola-Ganey's letter. She also states that the Dept. of Education can now refer interested school districts to the SPC website (www.SPCCenter.com) which has further information on the program in the website's "Dr. Barrios Articles" section. Especially pertinent reading is the article entitled "The SPC Program for Reducing Dropout and Substance Abuse". Interested parties could then contact the SPC Center to arrange for me to lead an introductory SPC workshop for their teachers who will teach the program to their students. Cost of the 2 to 3 hour workshop would be $200 per hour ($400-$600), plus cost of the materials listed in the Instructor's Outline, plus my travel expenses.

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