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(Narrated by Dr. Barrios)
The Concentration Spiral technique, considered by many to be the most powerful of the SPC techniques, is even more effective on video than the original more expensive motorized printed spiral.  This version includes both a guided and an unguided audio presentation.  In the guided portion, Dr. Barrios himself leads you through the technique.  Be sure to have a large potted plant or portrait nearby to look at when you are told at one point to look away from the spiral and at a particular object – and watch it become magnified !

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All 7 of the SPC TECHNIQUES on CD
(Narrated by Dr. Barrios)
As presented in seminars hosted by the SPC Center and in guest presentations, all of the techniques are available as audio recordings on a single CD.

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Break Free with SPC
(An e-book authored by Dr. Barrios)
Believe in You! - The Road to Self-Actualization and Fulfillment. This is a step-by-step approach to breaking free from negative programming by using the Power of Positive Belief. It's the latest book by Dr. Barrios, available in digital form from our e-publisher as a stand-alone item or as part of a kit of materials. See our e-publisher's page for kit contents and order forms.

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