Promotional Items

S-1     Stress Card 1
without color band.  Imprint front or back.
S-2     Stress Card 2
with arch color band.  Imprint front.
S-4     Stress Card 4
with arch color band.  Imprint back.
S-5     Stress Card 5
with straight color band.  Imprint front.
S-3     Stress Card 3
with arch color band.  Imprint front and back.
CC     Custom Stress Card
with four color front, one color back.
SR     Stress Ruler
with arch color band.  Imprint front or back.
CR     Custom Ruler
with four color front, one color back.
TTT    Tubby Tub Tester
Imprint back.
FT       Forehead Thermometer
in vinyl pouch.   Imprint front.
MRT    Magnetic Room Thermometer
Imprint front.
HG      Hot Water Gauge
Imprint front.
RT       Refrigerator Thermometer
Imprint front.
TH       Too Hot To Touch
Decal.  Imprint front.
UV       Ultraviolet Light Sun Sensor
Imprint front.

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Pricing on stock cards includes one color imprint.

Imprinting and Personalization

Method of Imprinting: Pad or thermal printing
Colors of Imprinting: Any standard colors, including any PMS match.
Area of Imprinting: S-1 Front 3"X3/4"; Black 3"X5/8"; S-2, S-3, Front 3"X5/8"; S-5 Front 3"X3/4"; S-3, S-4 Black 3"X3/4 SR Front 2"X3/4"; Back 4"X½"
Theme Cards: Back Horizontal 3"X3/4", Vertical 1 7/8"X1½"; TTT Back 1 7/8"X1 1/8"; FT Front 3"X7/8"; MRT Front 3¼"X1¼"; HG Front 1 7/8"X½"; RT Front 1 7/8"X5/8"; UV Front 2"X7/8"; or Back 3"X1 7/8"; TH Front 5/8"X1½".
Custom Cards and Rulers: entire surface.
Set Up Charges: $33.00 (X) per color per side. Repeat orders ½ setup charge. No charge for straight line typesetting.
Artwork Charges: SPC can provide complex logo artwork - charges will vary.
Art Resizing: $10.00 (v)

To order cards, please call us at 1-310-897-5055 or email us at with the card name(s), how many you want of each, and the shipping charges. If you have a PayPal account, you may use PayPal's service with our account name,, as the payee.


  • The SMOKE BUSTER & DIET BUSTER (reduces need for cigarettes and food as tranquilzers):
  • The PRENATAL CARD (helps lessen stress during pregnancy and anxiety during child-birth – two major risk factors for baby)
  • SPORTS CARDS (improve sports ability).


  • The TUBBY TUB TESTER bath temp. indicator (cute bear appears in green when bath just right – between 96 and 100 F):
  • The FOREHEAD THERMOMETER; and The HAPPY CLOWN CARD (ideal for teaching children to relax).

Other THERMOMETERS include:

  • ROOM THERMOMETER (magnetic or stickit backs);

The FUN CARDS include:

  • The MASSAGE CARD (all great at parties).


  • The UV indicator (to avoid serious sunburns)
  • TOO HOT TO TOUCH decals (great for placing on hot appliances like toasters, coffee makers, etc. – the word HOT appears when appliance hot). Stock Four Color Stress Card. No imprint. No minimum. No waiting. Theme Cards all with imprint on back; same price as S-2/S-4 Other

THEME CARDS include:

  • The GOLF


The following are some of the many companies and organizations that have ordered the card:

NEW YORK CITY POLICE DEPARTMENT – initiated 500 stress cards into its stress management workshops for upper level police management. Police Officer Philip Gager says he hopes to get all New York Police using these cards.

TURNER CONSTRUCTION COMPANY (New York Headquarters) – Corporate Director of Training Richard Essau cites the Stress Control Biofeedback Card as a “roaring success!”  He says, “It’s more than a gimmick – we’re using the cards to reduce employee stress... It’s even helped people stop smoking.”

FAA FLIGHT SAFETY INTERNATIONAL (Ft. Worth, Tx) – Largest pilot training program in U.S. thaat trains more than 25,000 pilots and mechanics a year.  Cards used within stress management portion of “Practical Cockpit Management” course in Ft. Worth.  Instructor John Nasch has been working to incorporate the card into similar programs for the 26 other FAA Flight safety programs throughout the country.

U.S. NAVY – Incorporated 250,000 stress cards into its worldwide Drug and Alcohol Safety Program.  “Almost everyone who has used the card has been impressed by it,” says Dr. Philip Bromley, psychologist and international human services consultant who offered the stress cards to the Navy.  “It’s a valuable springboard for providing strategies for dealing with stress and related activities as alcohol and drug use.  The individual can use the card to measure the effect of the change and say, “I can see the change and I like the change.”

BOEING CO. Seattle, WA WEIGHT CONTROL GROUP – Approximately 160 employees intent on slimming down use Dr. Barrios’ stress control cards as anti-stress/anti-crave devices.

US AIR FORCE – 37,000 cards being used for stress management and a Family Advocacy Program.

U.S. ARMY (Ft. McPherson, GA) – recently placed an order for 5,000 cards for its Alcohol and Drug Prevention Control program.  Letterman Medical Center (San Francisco) also using stress cards.

DEPARTMENT OF CONSUMER AND REGULATORY AFFAIRS (Washington, D.C.) – Cards used in launching of a “wellness” program for employees.  “Every manager here tested black or red (signals stress state) on the card the first time – the card forced them to be aware of their stress and then showed how to reduce it.”   Michelle Chargois, DCRA.

CANCER SUPPORT AND EDUCATION CENTER (Menlo Park, CA) – More than 500 patients and families have used the stress management sessions as part of the center’s cancer counseling program.

MONTOURSVILLE AREA HIGH SCHOOL (Montoursville, PA) – Counselor Edward Claudius used the card when working with students for problems with test anxiety, speaking before a group, and personal/social problems with test anxiety.  “I found the students to be quite receptive to your cards... I followed up on the students who received the cards and discovered they were still using them months later.”

CHANNEL ISLANDS COMMUNITY HOSPITAL CARE UNIT (Oxnard, CA) – Cards are used in alcoholism and drug rehabilitation.  Biofeedback technician Nila Rivera says, “Patients respond to the cards very well... Patients are always asking me if they can take one home.  I even have staff members come up to me and say, “I feel tense today, let me use the card.”

BREATH OF LIFE STOP SMOKING CENTER (Everett, WA) – Clients are using the cards to kick the habit and it’s working!

VETERANS CENTER (Readjustment Counseling Center, St. Petersburg, FL) – Tony Taylor of the Veterans Center says the cards have been “effective visual feedback tools that have helped veterans to be aware of their stress and then to take control of it.”

ARIZONA PUBLIC SERVICE CO. (Phoenix, AZ) – Ordered 10,000 cards for employee stress reduction; integrated into stress management classes.  “We’ve received positive feedback from employees... They’ve even asked for more cards.”  Joan Ticknor, Analyst, Employee Services Dept.

ECKER CENTER FOR MENTAL HEALTH (Elgin. IL) – “The cards are quick, accurate and an easy to use method for monitoring patterns of stress throughout the day... We’ve sold a total of 32,857 cards (as distributor) to 73 mental health agencies, hospitals and private practitioners.” Kathy Woodman, Public Relations Consultant.

FAMILY DENTAL PRACTICE (Mt. Clemens, MI) – Thomas N. Vaughn, D.D.S. conducted a study to determine if use of stress card/booklet relaxation techniques would control child dental patient’s anxiety.  Dr. Vaughn reported observers rated the children as “more  cooperative during treatment, exhibiting fewer disruptive behaviors.”  He added the children easily learned and liked “The Clenched Fist” and “Deep Breath” relaxation exercises.

JACKSON COUNSELING CENTER AND PSYCHIATRIC HOSPITAL (Jackson, TN) – 5,000 cards used in patient stress management counseling and as outreach tool for community.  “The cards have helped to lessen people’s fear of seeking psychiatric help – or in simply calling us to ask questions”, says Counselor Andy Eichoff, Jr.

EMERITUS COLLEGE (affiliated with Santa Monica Community College) – Instructor/Gerontologist Dr. Blythe Leiderman has been using the stress cards in her gerontology classes for 1 1/2 years.  “The response is always overwhelming.  The cards provide instantaneous positive feedback when a person is trying to relax... Students enthusiastically look forward to using it... It’s truly an innovative and functional tool...”

WASHINGTON IRVING HIGH SCHOOL (New York) – ordered 10,000 cards for its drug control program.

THE WHITE HOUSE, OFFICE OF THE FIRST LADY (Washington, D.C.) – In a letter, Kenneth Barun, Director of Projects for the First Lady, wrote to the SPC Center.  He says “Dr. Barrios is to be commended for developing such an inexpensive and effective method of keeping tabs on one’s stress level.”

DR. MEYER FRIEDMAN, CO-AUTHOR OF “TYPE A BEHAVIOR AND YOUR HEART”, considered the #1 authority in the field of heart disease and stress, has recommended the Stress Control Biofeedback Card to his patients.

THE AMERICAN HEART ASSOCIATION – ordered 25,000 cards recently.

THE AMERICAN CANCER ASSOCIATION – ordered 20,000 cards for The Great American Smokeout Campaign in 1997.

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